Creating a Heavenly Home Atmosphere with Heavenly Home Inspirations Candles

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Heavenly Home Inspirations

Welcome to Heavenly Home Inspirations Candles, a place where we believe in the power of scent to transform spaces, uplift spirits, and create a truly heavenly home atmosphere. Our mission is to spread light and warmth in every home with our hand-poured candles, crafted with love and the finest ingredients.

Founded by Cynthia Burchell in 2016, Heavenly Home Inspirations started as a home-based business, spreading joy and warmth one candle at a time. Over the years, thanks to our dedicated customers and the growing demand for our unique candles, we’ve expanded from our home to our very own building. This growth has allowed us to reach more people and spread more light, but our mission and dedication to quality have remained the same.

We are more than just a candle company; we are a community dedicated to brightening the lives of others. We are the home of the ‘Pay-it-Forward’ candle, a unique concept where each customer receives an extra candle to pass on to someone else, spreading the warmth and light even further.

But our offerings don’t stop at candles. We also provide a range of body care items, home decor, and room sprays, all crafted with the same attention to quality and detail. Looking for the perfect gift? Our custom gift baskets and corporate gifts are thoughtfully curated to impress and delight.

Our candles are not just about the scent; they are about the experience. From the moment you light one of our candles, you’ll notice the difference. The warm glow, the gentle flicker, and the divine scent all combine to create a comforting and inviting atmosphere.

We offer a wide range of scents for every mood and season. Whether you’re looking for the cozy warmth of ‘Vanilla Bean’ and ‘Cozy Fireplace’, the refreshing zest of ‘Citrus Basil’ and ‘Lemon Curd’, or the festive cheer of our Christmas scents, we have something for everyone.

Each scent is available in 8 oz and 12 oz candles, as well as wax melt bars, offering a variety of ways to enjoy these divine aromas. We also offer an exclusive Candle of the Month Club and a Monthly Subscription Box, perfect for those who love surprises and want to explore new scents.

Join us on this sensory journey and experience the joy of giving with Heavenly Home Inspirations. Explore our full range of products and services on Heavenly Home Inspirations Candles.


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